Imagine spending less than ₦2,000 to reach over 50,000 people in any location of choice on Facebook...

I remember having a conversation with someone and this person was not happy about her sales.


She wanted to do more.


From the way I saw things, she has good offers anybody would want to buy. But sales were still not the way she wanted…


As a sales consultant, I tried diagnosing her problem. I wanted to know what was really wrong…


So I began asking her different questions.

One of questions I remembered asking (although so absurd to ask, but I still did anyways…)


“Yes, I do, ” She replied.

I felt that was normal, any business owner in their right senses should be running ads, no matter how small.

I went further to ask… What platforms do you use?

She blurted… “WhatsApp!”

I expressed.. “Oh. WhatsApp Tvs. Good stuff!”

Then she spoil everything….

“Which one is WhatsApp TV?”

I went dumb!🐒

You do adverts on WhatsApp and you don’t know WhatsApp Tvs????


Then what kind of ads are you running??


She said she run ads on her own status…

Who the heck run ads on their status???
Mehd ooh.

How can you call posting on your own status “Running ads”???

Who does that??

You’ve not been running shit!!

It’s not possible to run ads on your own platform.


When you post and promote your stuff on your own platform, that’s not advertising… That’s marketing! Purely!

What you are doing is that you are marketing yourself. That’s pretty everything we try to do on our own platforms.

Advertising on the other hand means PAYING FOR REACH
LEVERAGING on other people’s platforms to reach the unreached.


Then I reasoned that actually,…

…lots are business owners out there might be like this lady. They think they are running ads, but in the real sense, they aren’t doing shit!

And running a business without advertising is like winking at a beautiful lady in the dark. No matter how well you do it. She will never see it.


The market doesn’t belong to the best products and services, it belongs to those who have made the loudest noise.


So to make lots of sales, you have to do what successful businesses are doing. Success leave clues.


Successful people are out there running ads.


Why not you?


Let me tell you some great platforms you can consider while running your ads….

1. WhatsApp Tvs

There are some influencers on WhatsApp now too who have lots and lots of viewers. Some of them get 1,000 status views in 5 minutes.




I love WhatsApp Tvs. It’s one of the fastest ways to draw traffic for your WhatsApp business. Get a compelling offer, get a WhatsApp TV with lots of followers and place your ads there. Come back smiling.

But dammit, WhatsApp Tvs with large followings are now freaking expensive. And in fact, there is no guarantee you will get one single buyer after running the ad. I wish they weren’t as expensive as they now are.

2. Facebook and Instagram Ads

This one has the highest reach wherever. It outperforms WhatsApp Tvs no doubt. It’s also the cheapest.




When these so called “Facebook Experts” come with their bills…. It’s always very devastating. Suddenly everything becomes expensive!!! Dammit!

And I don’t blame them… They spend so much mastering Facebook ads too.

Before I really got to understand Facebook ads, personally I took a course worth 1.2 Million naira by Anik Singal…

Little wonder why these experts charge so much.

Have you ever tried running ads yourself on Facebook and Instagram?

Chai… The way Facebook bans people’s ads ehhnn.

 This makes it all frustrating for anyone who is using Facebook and Instagram ads to promote their businesses.

And if how you promote on Facebook and Instagram is to hit the “Boost Post” Button on Facebook or Instagram, YOU ARE DOING IT THE ABSOLUTELY WRONG WAY

How awesome would it be if only any average business person can be able to run ads themselves like an expert without paying any Guru some exuberant fee!!!😭😭😭


How awesome would it be to run ads without getting our Facebook accounts banned!!!😭😭😭

How awesome would it be if you can reach 10,000 a day with your ads with just spending ₦500 on Facebook ads!!! 😭😭😭

I’ve got some good news for you…

Yes. It’s possible!

You can now run ads on Facebook yourself at the cheapest rates, getting the best results and bypassing ad agencies, yet not getting your ads disapproved or your accounts banned.

And you will be able to manage all your Facebook and Instagram ads in one place and getting the best results.

With shikini money on ads😃

Introducing my ultimate Facebook Ad Phone Mastery Interactive Course…

“Facebook Ads Mobile Ninja”

Operation crush it yourself. Keep the balance and use it to buy yourself a pizza or something really nice.

In this take away video course, I showed you….


How to run Cheap and high Profitable Facebook and Instagram Ads with only your Mobile Device.


You will not just be able to run ads for yourself, you will able to also do it for others and earn from it.


The most interesting thing about this is that.

It’s just on your mobile phone.
Imagine spending less than ₦2,000 to reach over 50,000 people in any location of choice on Facebook.

Just the other day, I ran an ad for my ad agency (Aim High Cinematics) about one of our video training programs that is doing millions of naira in revenue currently.

Here is what the results gave me…

Funny enough, I ran it with my mobile phone.

I started running this ad exactly 72 hours before I took this screenshot.

Imagine reaching this number of people every two days with your business, how profitable do you think you will be??

The market belongs to the most popular and not the best of products.

What I just showed you now is just the beginning.

There is more to see.

Some of you try running ads yourself, and after a while… You suddenly discover that your ads have been restricted.

It happens a lot.
I used to be in that category too.

I can’t remember the last time my ads got restricted.

I can’t!

Absolutely anybody who takes this course can do this.

Guess how much the course cost?

An investment of ₦15,000 only.

However if you get it before this timer stops counting….

Hurry Up!

You will only have to invest ₦2,500 only!

(That’s more than 80% off the original price!)

As a bonus for Fast Action Takers…

You will get my FREE course that teaches you how to design beautiful graphics yourself with Canva just using your phone.

  • You can also charge people for this.
  • And use the knowledge to create graphics for your ads.

Below is a sample of a graphics we designed with Canva.

Order now and get it (+Bonus) for ₦2,500 only.

That your business must blow.

It must make you big money.

I have given you an opportunity to stop paying me (and other advertisers) an exuberant amount of money for running your Facebook ads for you.

Now you can begin to do it yourself, and also do it for others and earn from it.

See my friend…

If you don’t get the course now, it goes back to 15k when the countdown ends.

(And unfortunately, it might be more…)

Depending on how people rush it… It can even increase in price further.

If you do not get it now, you will have to pay me, or somebody else, or one of those expensive WhatsApp Tvs in the future to run your ads for you…

Cut that crap and be one of the first 50 lucky people now


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