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Do you have a money making skill and you want to make impact in Africa?

We believe that it takes a collective effort to eradicate poverty among young Africans. Are you passionate about helping people? Do you have a high income digital skill? Are you willing to share your knowledge with Africans?
We have provided a platform for you to be able be the solution to poverty among young Africans 

How to become a Mentor

Read through the Instructions below carefully

If you have a digital skill and you want to mentor your fellow African youth by teaching them the your digital skills, this is the platform for you. This platform was created so that different people can come together an learn money making digital skills to prepare them for the POST COVID-19 market.

As a mentor, you will be helping a lot of African youths to get out of poverty by showing them the exact way you make money and mentoring them till they are able to do so as well.
Before you can register as an instructor, you must have a money making digital skills and possess the necessary experience and competence in your niche.

Please note that this platform is meant to help people get on their feet, however, you can attached a little price to your Mentorship program which has to be in compliant with our terms and services
Courses and Lectures can be in be inform of Video lectures, text lectures, Audio lectures, Presentations and PDFs. For video and audio lecture types, these lectures must be clear enough for the students to see and high audio definition is none negotiable

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